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I believe music is not just for those who are "musically inclined," but it is a skill, outlet, and talent that anyone can develop with patience and hard work. My goal is to make the process joyful and rewarding. I tailor my lessons to the learning styles and interests of my students, with an emphasis on creativity and individuality while still building a strong foundation of skills. I make lessons both fun and productive! 

My greatest joys in life have always been music and teaching. As a private music teacher, I've been able to combine my greatest strengths and passions into one creative, joyful, magical experience for students of all ages. 

I bring a wealth of education and childhood development experience to the table, as well as more than 9 years experience as a classroom and private music teacher.

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"Rachel takes the time to get to know the children she works with and create individualized plans and goals for them all. The range of students she’s been able to guide through music lessons is a testament to the time she takes to cater to each individual. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach for Rachel and when you watch her students perform for audiences or hug her after a lesson, it’s clear that she’s made deep connections with these young people. As a truly great educator should be, she is calm and caring while also clever at keeping students focused and achieving."

 - Jill F. 


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