What have previous families said about Rachel's lessons?

"We consider Rachel part of our family.  She not only has taught our daughter piano and voice but has also shared laughs, sadness and growing pains with all of us. When our daughter has a bad day at school and once Rachel arrives, we hear laughter and happiness.  She is always friendly and upbeat! Our daughter told us that Rachel makes learning enjoyable and fun!  We didn’t want piano lessons to be a struggle and something to dread.  Rachel goes above and beyond as she keeps track of what is going on in your child’s life.  Our daughter went out for a role in a musical and Rachel helped her prep for the audition.  She got the part!"

 - Donna T. (Mom of Carrie)

"Rachel was the most amazing music teacher for our 10-year-old daughter. Rachel was so sweet with her, encouraged her to challenge herself and assured her of her talent every step of the way. She broadened our daughter's horizons from singing to piano playing to writing her own songs...  Rachel made learning fun. For every lesson, our daughter would run to the door, excited to welcome Rachel and ready to learn something new... Rachel has a such a wonderful personality! She’s so calming, talented and ready to share her knowledge in a kind and gentle way. Her ability to push our daughter outside her comfort zone with such ease and reassurance was incredible to watch... Rachel is a truly amazing music teacher and we are so lucky that our daughter had the opportunity to work with her."

 - Alison H. (Mom of Emma)

"Rachel has exceeded my expectations. Not only has she brought out the creative, music-writing side in my youngest daughter and pushed my oldest to go further than she imagined in her piano instruction, but she’s also managed their behavior, delicately guided them though self-doubts and built their self-esteem as young women. As a mother, I could not have hoped for anyone more supportive for my girls. I truly trust her as a second-parent to these kids, intuitively understanding their bad days and rough times and finding ways to encourage and inspire them to keep going with their music practice through it all. I’ve seen them shine on stage and confidently declare themselves musicians since working with Rachel and for that I am very grateful."

 - Jill F. (Mom of Matilda and Leah)

"Rachel began teaching my daughter at a time when my daughter was miserable with piano lessons... Then came Rachel - she swooped in literally like a ray of sunshine... Quickly weekly lessons became a highlight of the week. Rachel is incredibly insightful into her students' challenges and strengths. In a practical sense, this means that she is not the chef who uses a recipe book, she seems to geniously adapt her teaching style and technique to the student. Only the most masterful of teachers really has this ability to teach creatively and uniquely to a student. She has amazing musical ability herself which underlies her teaching. Rachel is rigorous and yet funny, silly and joyful all at once. Her attitude has shown our family a contagious love of music and desire to play stronger. Before Rachel, when we went somewhere with a piano, my daughter would avoid it as if playing piano were just a chore that she was forced to do at home. Now over the last several months, when there is a piano around she takes to it to "improvise" chords while other kids play along or sing. Rachel has made practicing fun and her positive attitude and feedback has helped my daughter strive to play better while truly enjoying herself at the piano... She is a unique, wonderful, energetic and amazing piano teacher!"

 - Val A. (Mom of Annarose)

Additional recommendations and references available upon request.