50% off your first lesson!


Ask about the following lesson types: 

Piano * Voice * Songwriting * Music Theory

* Chord Theory * Choral Conducting *

Also available: Combination lessons 

(Blending two or more lesson types)


All lesson pricing is based on lesson length.

(Minimum of 45 minutes for combination lessons.)

30 minute lessons: $25 per lesson

Recommended for the young beginner (ages 4-6).

45 minute lessons: $30 per lesson

Recommended for older beginners (ages 7+).

60 minute lessons: $35 per lesson

Recommended for advanced students or those studying multiple instruments/disciplines.

75 minute lessons: $40 per lesson

Recommended for advanced students studying multiple instruments/disciplines.

**Ask about our multiple student/family discount**


* For budding musicians to thrive and reach their musical potential, music instruction must be regular, and supported by frequent practice at home. 

* Should you need to cancel for unavoidable/unpredictable reasons, let me know ahead of time and we can set up a make up lesson. Please be courteous and give as much notice as possible, since earlier notice gives me a chance to offer a make up lesson to another student.

* Unfortunately, I cannot offer a make up lesson without prior notice of the cancellation. A "no show" will result in a forfeited lesson. 

* Just as you would not want another child to come to school when sick and put your child at risk, please do not come to lessons when experiencing symptoms that would keep them home from other activities. Let me know as soon as you know they are sick and we will work to set up an alternate lesson time.


* Students should aim to practice daily, though they may not reach this goal every week. To set a habit, try picking the same time every day (e.g., practicing after breakfast, after their favorite show [or during commercial breaks!], before starting the bedtime routine, etc.)

* Practice should not be strenuous! The goal is to review songs and skills taught in their lessons. Young beginners only need 5-10 minutes practice at a time, while 10-15 minutes can help older, more experienced players. Regular shorter practice sessions are more effective than fewer longer sessions. 

* Instead of watching the clock, students should set a goal for that practice session. Pick a measurable goal or a specific number of repetitions and work towards that. 

* To truly master a song, find the spots that are giving you trouble and master those first! Then, slowly integrate those parts with the "easier" parts.

* The more slowly you play or sing while learning something, the more quickly you will master it. Slow down to learn, then you can speed up!

* While repetition in practice can be helpful, it can be a struggle for young students to do the same thing over and over. Challenge them to change it up: play your song standing on one foot, with one eye closed, holding your breath, or sticking out your tongue... the possibilities are endless!